In the deepest Core of my Heart, there is Music, Pure Music


Passionate and forthcoming, Crossover Soprano Tatiana Kallmann is an exceptionally unique & Avant-Garde Opera Singer who has and continues to enchant audiences worldwide. Offering a manifold of musical melodies, Tatiana, aims to transcend musical borders with the use of fusion and creative collaboration and in turn, creates a fresh and new style of her own.

After completing her Higher Education, receiving a Bachelors Degree from the Florida State University and Masters Degree in Operatic Vocal Performance from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Mannheim, Germany, Tatiana has embarked on living her Vision & Mission as a Classical Crossover Soprano. Her dream is to create a space in time where the power of music and the human voice stand in the forefront, vanishing all stereotypes and in turn bringing people together through their joined reverence for the arts. Tatiana believes that it is in these moments, where the existence of time & space cease to exist, that music may serve its higher purpose for humanity.


Tatiana’s Vision for the world has been, since she was a child, to sow seeds of love and peace through her voice. She shares her passion for music through her highly refined & elegant LIVE Vocal Performance Interactive Act. In each performance, Tatiana marvels & enchants her International audiences with the artistry of Classical Crossover Music, seamlessly interconnecting & powerfully fusing a variety of musical genres including Opera, Pop, Latin, Jazz, & Classical Music.


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