My Dear Friends of the Arts, 

As you all can imagine, the COVID-19 outbreak is a global Emergency Health Crisis that has not only affected the lives of thousands but one which has also lead to one of the worst crises in public life since the end of World War II.

As a freelancing Pop Opera Singer who lives and funds her career from LIVE Performances, the cancellation of these events has been devastating. Almost all Orchestras, Choirs, Opera Houses, Concert Halls, Music Festivals, Public and Private Music Broadcasters in Europe, the United States & throughout the world have canceled all of their events and have CLOSED DOWN.

With the highest hopes to turn this unfortunate situation into a positive one, I have begun to open up to people and share with the community my Story, Mission, and Vision as a Pop Opera Singer-Songwriter and Female Entrepreneur.

I would like to invite you to take a moment to visit my two NEW Fundraising Pages listed below.

I am aware that thousands of people on this Earth have been affected by COVID-19 and that my story is very similar to that of millions of freelancing Artists throughout the Globe. Whether you decide to become a part of my Team // my Dream, what I hope most from my campaign is that it serves a Higher Purpose of Raising Awareness about the Reality of ART in our Modern Day Times. 

Do know that when you Donate to any Artist or Institution you are literally saying “YES TO ART”. You are giving value to the Artistic Work that truly matters to you and providing the necessary support and assistance so that creatives like myself can fully dedicate themselves to their craft and, therefore, have the possibility of continuing to share Free Educational, Uplifting, and Innovative pieces of ART with the World.

When you become one of my Patron of the Arts you are voting to Promote and Protect the preservation and education of the awe-inspiring Historic Ancient Art Form of Opera and its evolution into the Modern Times.

With your loving support, you can help fund and become an integral part of the Foundation, Vision, and Mission of my Crossover Soprano International. Each donation will have a profound impact on my life as an Independent Artist but will set forth a positive local and global cultural imprint.


With all my Love,

❤️Tatiana Kallmann

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