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a Lifetime

Rising Star International Pop Opera Singer Tatiana Kallmann is a Classical Crossover Soprano and Recording Artist who has and continues to enchant audiences worldwide. Offering a manifold of musical melodies, Tatiana, transcends musical borders while innovating ancient and modern music traditions in a fresh and new style of her own.

Main Stage and Headlining Guest Soloist Tatiana Kallmann has performed for renowned names such as for the

Heidelberg Theatre and Orchestra, the Richard Wagner Association in cooperation with the National Theatre of Mannheim, UNICEF, REWE, Porsche, WELLA Canada, Perkeo-Gesellchaft Heidleberg 1907, the St.Petersburg International Folk Fair Society, the Rotary Club of Ybor City, and in the 3,000 spectators public open-air performance at the annual Festa Italiana of Ybor City in Tampa, Florida.

Tatiana shares her passion for Music through her elegant LIVE Performance Act. In each performance, she marvels & enchants her international audiences with the artistry of Classical Crossover Music, seamlessly interconnecting & powerfully fusing a variety of musical genres including Opera, Pop, Latin, Jazz, & Classical Music.

The Mission of Crossover Soprano International Tatiana Kallmann has been, since she was a child, to sow seeds of love and peace through her voice. Her dream is to create a space in time where the power of music and the human voice stand in the forefront, vanishing all culturally dividing barriers and in turn bringing people together through their joined reverence for the arts. Ms. Kallmann believes that it is in the moments where the society-imposed stereotypes, especially those created by social-economic elitism, gender, race, age, and any form of discrimination cease to exist, that music may serve its higher purpose for humanity.






































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