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Rising Star International Opera Singer Tatiana Kallmann is a Classical Crossover Soprano and Recording Artist who has and continues to enchant audiences worldwide. Offering a manifold of musical melodies, Tatiana, transcends musical borders while innovating ancient and modern music traditions in a fresh and new style of her own.

Tatiana Kallmann is a Colombian American Opera Singer, Songwriter, Female Entrepreneur, Recording Artist who has received Italian Bel Canto Operatic vocal training from renowned professors throughout Europe, primarily in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. In the Fall of 2021, international Classical Crossover Soprano Tatiana Kallmann was awarded the Student Success Fellowship and Scholarship Award to attend the University of South Florida where she is now part of the Ph.D. in Music Education and Research Department. 

Main Stage and Headlining Guest Soloist Tatiana Kallmann has performed for renowned names such as for the Heidelberg Theatre and Orchestra, the Richard Wagner Association in cooperation with the National Theatre of Mannheim, UNICEF, REWE, Porsche, WELLA Canada, Perkeo-Gesellchaft Heidleberg 1907, the St.Petersburg International Folk Fair Society, the Rotary Club of Ybor City and in the 3,000 spectators public open-air performance at the annual Festa Italiana of Ybor City in Tampa, Florida.

As an International Entrepreneurial Crossover Soprano, she has performed in the historical city of Heidelberg, Germany including the Renaissance Heidelberg Castle, the 2,5000 Spectator Congress Hall, the City Hall, and was invited as the Star Guest at the 11th Annual AIDS Gala in the Heidelberg Opera House. 

The beginnings of Ms. Kallmann's life took place in her birth city, Bogotá, Colombia. In the pursuit of building a brighter future for their children, Tatiana's parents made the life-changing decision of seeking opportunities outside of their beautifully vibrant, cosmopolitan, yet sadly war-stricken homeland Colombia. When Tatiana was just 5 years old, her mother, a Biologist, received an invitation to work and live in the United States of America. Their first home was in the city of Miami, Florida.

​Since the first step of her family's life-changing odyssey, Tatiana has been universally exposed to a variety of cultures, spanning from her birthplace, Bogotá, Colombia, the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico to numerous cities in the sunny state of Florida, including her hometown city Tampa, Florida. 

Ms. Tatiana Kallmann has cultivated her vision as a Classical Crossover Singer from a very young age, starting to sing at just the age of 6 years old.


Through the immense love, support, and encouragement from her family, mentors, and teachers, Tatiana began her career and vocation for music in the performing arts at the age of 13 when she began her very first private voice classes. Her extracurricular classes prepared her for the entrance audition to Howard W. Blake High School of the Performing Arts in her hometown city, Tampa, Florida. With a peaked interest in Classical Vocal Music, Musical Theatre, and Pop Music, Tatiana began to take voice classes learning Classical and Musical Theatre Vocal Solo including “Ave Maria” by Franz Schubert and “ I feel pretty” from West Side Story. During her Sophomore year of High School, at the age of 15, she was guided to the renowned Tampa Voice Teacher Mr. Blake Leopold at the Leopold School of Voice and Piano where she began her Italian Bel Canto Operatic vocal training in both Classical and Musical Theatre. Her training with Mr. Leopold led her to partake in various Musical Theatre productions outside of school, including the premiere of her very first solo role as „Fantine“ in the world-renown Musical Les Miserables, “Mabel” in the musical FAME, and a leading role in the Musical “Godspell”.  

In her time at the Tampa Performing Arts Magnet High School, Howard W. Blake High School, Tatiana Kallmann was a part of the Chorus and Musical Theatre department. She participated in many life-changing concerts and stage performances spanning from Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem, George Frideric Handel’s “The Messiah HWV 56” to a variety of Musical Theatre productions such as “Bat Boy”, “The Wiz” and “The Mikado”. Furthermore, young soprano Tatiana Kallmann participated as a soloist at the All-State competitions, being awarded Superior Ratings in both the Classical Solo and Musical Theatre departments. In 2005, she was awarded the Ruth Eckerd Hall Youth Scholarship in Classical Solo Voice performing live at the finals which were held at the Vinoy Renaissance Hall in St. Petersburg, Florida.

At just the age of 15 years old, Tatiana Kallmann graduated early from Blake High School of the Performing Arts, and courageously set off to pursue her lifelong dream as Singer-Songwriter & Recording Artist. It was in this moment of her life that Tatiana took the biggest leap of faith for her career, moving back to her birth city in Bogotá, Colombia, where she was granted her first Record Deal. In the course of a year, Tatiana began her work as a melodist, lyricist, and vocalist with virtuoso guitarist & producer Andres Osorio Toledo producing their Crossover Pop Rock Project Unclassifiedcomposing her first original songs, among others "The Truth", "Your Goddess", "Caminos de la Vida", and "21st Century Girls".

In 2005, the same year as her High School graduation, Tatiana was granted a Florida Bright Futures Scholarship to attend the Florida State University School where she was accepted to become a student of the renowned College of Music. During her undergraduate studies, she was a diligent student of an internationally acclaimed Soprano who given her exceptional talent, invited Tatiana into her select vocal studio and taught her the classical vocal technique and repertoire of Lieder and Opera. Succeeding her 4 years of diligent studies, Tatiana Kallmann triumphantly graduated Cum Laude from her alma mater Florida State University receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Music.

With a vivacious and undeniable interest in Operatic singing and the European culture, after concluding her undergraduate studies in the year of 2009, Ms.Kallmann was determined to embark on the life-changing odyssey of pursuing her dreams as a Lyric Soprano in Europe. She packed up all her bags, left behind everything and everyone she knew, and bravely migrated to the land of Classical Music and the birthland of her German Grandfather, Fritz Kallmann whom during WWII fled to South America where he met and married Tatiana's Grandmother. Despite never meeting her Grandfather who sadly passed away from a heart attack Tatiana is aware that her calling for operatic music comes from her German heritage.


Though not much is known about Tatiana's grandfather what is known is that he had an immense collection of Opera recordings. Her Grandmother Cecilia attested to say that he would “sit in his chair, with a glass of whiskey in his hand and would listen to his Opera vinyl recordings with his eyes closed. He particularly loved listening to Richard Wagner.”

​Ms. Tatiana Kallmann carries her Grandfather’s love for Opera in her heart and it is through the intrigue for her ancestral heritage that she decided to immerse herself in the German culture, attending a language school where she learned German at the beginners level. It is in Bonn, the city of the legendary composer Ludwig van Beethoven where Tatiana attended language classes on a daily basis, learning to fluently speak German in less than a year.

It was in the Fall of 2010 that Tatiana Kallmann began her auditions as a young Soprano and was selected among hundreds of applicants to become a part of the Opernschule, an Opera School in the prestigious University of the Performing Arts at the UNESCO World Heritage “The City of Music” Mannheim, Germany. During the course of her international graduate studies, Tatiana Kallmann acquired BelCanto Operatic Vocal Training from renowned professors throughout Europe; primarily in Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany.

Ms. Tatiana Kallmann victoriously completed her Masters Degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Performing Arts in Mannheim, Germany where she premiered among other roles those of “Pamina”, “Papagena” from W.A. Mozart’s Die Zauberflöte, “Despina” from Mozarts Cosi Fan Tutte and “Sancha” in the World Premiere of the Opera Echt?! at the acclaimed Opera House; the National Theatre of Mannheim, Germany.

After successfully completing her International Master's Degree in Germany, Tatiana Kallmann decided to stay in Europe and launched her entrepreneurial dream starting up her own LIVE entertainment business Crossover Soprano International.

It was at this time that Tatiana decided to walk the road less traveled and leaped back into her original crossover dream; paving the path for Classical Crossover vocal music in Europe. In the same year of her Masters degree graduation, Tatiana met the most influential voice teacher of her life: world-renown and Julliard trained Mezzo-Soprano, Mrs. Yanyu Guo who then became Tatiana's official voice teacher and mentor. For more than 8 years Ms. Guo has played a fundamental and integral role in the vocal development of Tatiana Kallmann's instrument. With her mastery as an opera singer and teacher, Ms.Guo was able to tackle the challenge Ms. Kallmann came to her with; how to develop a unique vocal technique that was suiting to Tatiana's musical passion, which is the fusion of classical and pop music, better known as Classical Crossover Music.


The city that welcomed and celebrated Tatiana Kallmann's Classical Crossover vision was in the heart of Germany, the city of Heidelberg. She was chosen to be featured by the City of Heidelberg in the Heidelberg Image Film producing, performing, and presenting her innovative vocal arrangement to the globally acclaimed song “I Lost My Heart in Heidelberg”. 

Tatiana shares her passion for Music through her elegant LIVE Performance Act. In each performance, she marvels & enchants her international audiences with the artistry of Classical Crossover Music, seamlessly interconnecting & powerfully fusing a variety of musical genres including Opera, Pop, Latin, Jazz, & Classical Music.

In addition to being an international performer and recording artist, Tatiana Kallmann is a Voice Teacher who is here to guide you towards your beautifully unique human voice. Tatiana strongly believes in the power of Holistic Vocal Pedagogy, a unique and interactive teaching approach that focuses on coaching individuals to the root of the human voice. It is for this reason that she aims to create a safe, warm, and fun coaching environment. She has worked as a Voice Teacher for more than 15 years, teaching both children and adults. Her lifework is to create a safe haven where each individual may feel the confidence to explore and feel the incredible health benefits of sound, movement, and vocal expression. Ms. Tatiana Kallmann’s Voice Masterclasses are open to people of all ages & absolutely no prior experience is necessary. 

As a Female business owner, Crossover Soprano International Tatiana Kallmann serves as a humanitarian world citizen lovingly offering her culturally enriching artistic performances for a variety of Non- Profits, and charities, organizations such as UNICEF, Casa del Sol Mainz, the Rotary Club, Soñar Despierto Bogotá, the Cervantes Instituto Frankfurt, the Paul Gerhardt Feudenheim Church of Mannheim, UNITY, the Oneness University and Embracing the World® a global initiative that helps alleviate the burden of the impoverished communities.​​ 


The Mission of Crossover Soprano International Tatiana Kallmann has been, since she was a child, to sow seeds of love and peace through her voice. Her dream is to create a space in time where the power of music and the human voice stand in the forefront, vanishing all culturally dividing barriers and in turn bringing people together through their joined reverence for the arts. Ms. Kallmann is an advocate for equality. She believes that it is in the moments where the society-imposed stereotypes, especially those created by social-economic elitism, gender, race, age, and any form of discrimination cease to exist, that music may serve its higher purpose for humanity.


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