In the deepest Core of my Heart, there is Music, Pure Music


World citizen, Pop Opera Singer Tatiana Kallmann is an award-winning Classical Crossover Soprano who has and continues to enchant audiences worldwide. Offering a manifold of musical melodies, Tatiana, transcends musical borders while innovating ancient and modern music traditions in a fresh and new style of her own.

Since a very young age, Tatiana has been widely exposed to a variety of cultures, spanning from her birthplace, the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Bogotá, Colombia, to multiple cities in the sunny state of Florida and to the Caribbean culture of the island of Puerto Rico.


When she was just 17 years old, she graduated early from her dream school, Blake High School of the Performing Arts in her home city Tampa, Florida, and courageously set off to pursue her lifelong dream as Songwriter and Recording Artist. She then took a leap of faith and moved to her birth city Bogotá. In this time she began her work as a Melodist, Lyricist and Vocalist with Virtuoso Guitarist & Producer Andres Osorio Toledo in their Pop Rock Project // Unclassified // releasing her first original songs, among others "Your Goddess" and "21st Century Girls".


In 2009, Ms. Kallmann was honored to become a part of the School of Music Department at the renown Florida State University where she graduated Cum Laude receiving her Bachelors of Arts in Music. During her Undergraduate Studies, Tatiana was a diligent student of the Internationally acclaimed Soprano Ms. Shirley Close, who exposed her to the Classical Vocal Technique and the Repertoire of Opera. 


Through her newfound passion for Classical Music, Tatiana was inspired to explore foreign musical lands, including Graz, Austria, where she partook in the intensive summer program, AIMS "American Institute of Musical Studies". Enamored with European and Operatic Culture, Ms. Kallmann was inspired to return year after year to Europe, especially to the birthplace of Opera, Florence, Italy. It is in this historical Renaissance city that she learned to speak the Italian Language and was a vocal student of Massimo Sardi, a Professor at Scuola di Musica di Fiesole.


With a vivacious and undeniable interest for Operatic Singing and European Culture, after finishing her Bachelors at the Florida State University, Tatiana decided to embark on the life-changing odyssey of pursuing her dreams as a Lyric Soprano. She packed up all her bags, left behind everything and everyone she knew and bravely migrated to the birth land of her German Grandfather, Fritz Kallmann whom during WWII fled to South America, later marrying Tatiana's Grandmother. Despite never meeting her Grandfather whom sadly passed away at a young age, Tatiana carries him in her heart and it through this intrigue for her ancestral heritage that she decided to learn the German language in Bonn, the city of legendary composer Ludwig van Beethoven.


In less than a year of living in Germany, in the Fall of 2010, Tatiana Kallmann began her auditions as a Young Soprano and was selected among hundreds of applicants to become part of the "Opernschule", an Opera School in the prestigious Mannheim University of the Performing Arts in Mannheim, Germany. She was accepted to study Operatic Vocal Performance under the instruction of the internationally acclaimed Tenor Professor Alejandro Ramírez, Professor Cosima Osthoff and Professor Jutta Gleue.


In the course of her studies, Ms. Kallmann Premiered as a Soprano the Opera Roles of Despina in W.A.Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte, Pamina, and Papagena in Die Zauberflöte and was honored the role of Sancha in the World Premiere of the Modern Opera Echt?! at the Mannheim National Theater.


After completing her Master's Degree, she has embarked on Living her Vision & Mission as a Classical Crossover Soprano. Her dream is to create a space in time where the power of music and the human voice stand in the forefront, vanishing all stereotypes and in turn bringing people together through their joined reverence for the Arts. Tatiana believes that it is in these moments, where the existence of time & space cease to exist, that music may serve its higher purpose for humanity.

Tatiana Kallmann's Vision for the world has been, since she was a child, to sow seeds of love and peace through her voice. She shares her passion for music through her highly refined & elegant Interactive Vocal Performance Act. In each performance, marvels & enchants her International audiences with the artistry of Classical Crossover Music, seamlessly interconnecting and powerfully fusing a variety of musical genres including Opera, Pop, Latin, Jazz, & Classical Music.​

In addition to her career as a Crossover Soprano, Ms. Kallmann has a second Vocation, which is Holistic Vocal Coaching. In her private classes, she excitedly teaches people of all ages, especially those with no prior experience, how to sing and speak more freely. As a voice teacher, she has worked at the Fön School of Rock in Bruchsal, Germany and has held an active Private Voice Studio of her own, guiding countless individuals towards an increased awareness & connection to their voice through her Vocal Freedom© Workshops & Private Lessons.

As with all Fine Arts, Tatiana continues to train diligently at crystallizing her craft as an Opera Singer & Crossover Soprano under the instruction of her dear Mentor & Voice Teacher, Julliard Alumni, the World Renown Mezzo-Soprano, Mrs. Yanyu Guo.


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