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Crossover Soprano Tatiana Kallmann Revie

Reviews & Guest Book




J Scott Vajner 

"I have had the honor of hearing Tatiana perform a variety of pieces, and I say
the honor because her gift of voice is extraordinary. Although my musical tastes have

always leaned towards rock and roll, I did myself sing Tenor in my high school chorus,
so I have at least a basic idea of what voice training and solo work is all about.
I can tell you, Tatiana is amazing to listen to, I am transfixed, her voice is ethereal
and beautiful, her treatment of songs is unique, and her presence is radiant as
she performs.
Her interactive style with the audience makes it all the more special,
and I can honestly say the first time I heard her sing Ava Maria, I found myself crying,
tears actually rolling down my cheeks; I had heard people say in the past that a
performance moved them to tears, I often wondered what that was like...thanks to
the incredible talent of this amazing Diva, I found out. Do what you have to to see
her perform, it will move you in ways you didn‘t know possible...I know, she had that
effect on me! Thank you, Tatiana, for sharing with us your heaven-sent voice, and I look
forward to the next time I get to see you in person! Oh, and buy her CD - her Ava Maria
is on it plus other amazing music that will move you too!"


Angie Castillo 

"I have the pleasure of being in the same Spiritual Community that I attend.
I love her exquisite, vibrant voice and the passion she exudes as she sings.
Not only does she sing beautifully, she also has taught voice lessons here at
North Tampa Unity; great teaching skills aside from a phenomenal voice.
I was pleasantly surprised that she not only sang in English but also German,
Italian and Spanish at her last performance a couple of weeks ago here at
our Spiritual Community. One of the songs she chose for her presentation was
a Spanish song with an incredible amount of difficulty; the song "La Cigarra"
is a challenge for anyone to sing. Her performance was flawless. Her interaction
with the audience was endearing. I always look forward to her next concert in our area.

Ceo Lukas Müller 

"We booked Tatiana for our wedding on July 28th, 2018 in Heidelberg, Germany, and were thrilled. We looked for a singer for a long time and none of them had that certain something that we were looking for. By chance, we came across Tatiana and her videos keep what they promise. Her voice is gigantic and she is an incredibly lovely, happy person. We and our guests were blown away and I would book her again at any time. Thank you very much, my dear "


Melissa Ann 

"Tatiana Kallmann has an incredibly beautiful voice and strong stage presence. I recently had to honor to enjoy Ms. Kallmann's talent at the Fest Italiana in Tampa, FL. She performed for at least a thousand people. When I gazed upon the crowd everyone was diligently listening and enjoying her performance with huge smiles on their faces. She was definitely the talk of the festival due to her spectacular voice and passion. After her stage performance, I was lucky enough to see her perform again on a balcony with her beautiful voice belting down the street. People stopped in their tracks to listen in awe. Ms. Kallmann has world-class talent and the passion to back it up."



Matthias Nuss 

"Tatiana impressed us right from the start. We were looking for a singer for our wedding and our pastor gave us the tip to directly contact Tatiana. He has heard many singers at weddings and she was one of the best he has ever met. She immediately accepted our invitation and fully responded to us and our ideas. Tatiana is a very warm and lovable person and an asset to every wedding. We knew that we no longer had to worry about the musical accompaniment. Tatiana has a wonderful, clear voice that is very well trained. One immediately notices her professional music training at the renowned Mannheim Music Academy. She not only sang the songs perfectly but also gave them a lot of warmth and honesty through her own personality. She was very happy for us and was happy to accompany our wedding musically. Her voice is just as warm as Tatiana herself and you can quickly see that the music is her life and her joy. Her repertoire ranges from classical to very modern pieces and she was immediately ready to rehearse new songs as long as they fit her voice and pitch. I can recommend Tatiana to everyone because she is an exceptional singer. If we get the chance again, we'd love to hear her sing again. "


Sascha Rininsland 

"five well-deserved stars for a star. I want to say THANK YOU, Tatiana, for bringing the magic to a regular DJ-club-disco-nite. your live performance was as outstanding as you are personally! I really wish to be on stage with you again asap! your true fan Sascha"




Scott Boggess 

"The woman's voice stopped time! The first experience I had with her singing, everyone in the room was amazed. She sings from her heart and music is in her soul. Very bless to have met and witnessed the magic she creates with her voice!"


Lukas Lustig 

"Tatiana's wonderful singing not only gives you goosebumps, but it also touches our hearts directly! At our wedding we enjoyed Tatiana's versatile voice twice: During the church wedding, she performed the "Ave Maria" by Schubert and the "Laudate Dominum" by Mozart creating a moving, intimate, and very solemn mood. At the subsequent champagne reception, she then showed a colorful palette of modern jazz and opera songs with South American echoes with a lot of charm, wit, and charisma. Tatiana is a very warm-hearted, open, and sensitive person. She delivered an admirable performance in a very professional manner. We can warmly recommend Tatiana in every respect!"

Izabel Sneberger 

"Dear Tatiana, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your wonderful singing at our church wedding ceremony. You gave us all pure goosebumps! We are very happy to have found you and to enjoy this day of our wedding with your gigantic voice was simply priceless. You were absolutely extraordinary. We will always be happy to book you again ... "

Josie Mijares 

"It was such a pleasure to meet Tatiana Kallmann who sang at a private party without a microphone which wasn't even needed. Her pitch is to perfection. Powerful emotions were stirred up by many. You are so gifted! Thank you!"



Christina Duda 

"Hello Tatiana, we would like to thank you very much for your singing for our church wedding. You really have such an incredible voice. After our wedding, I was often asked about where I found such an exceptional singer. Everyone loved you. You moved our guests' hearts with your singing. Singing that really gets under your skin. Many tears ran in a positive sense, of course. We wish you every success and we recommend you 100%. "




Sascia Gerngroß 

"You have really embellished our wedding with your great and breathtaking singing! ... and not only that, because you have enchanted us, as well as our family and friends! If we could repeat this unforgettable day ... we would of course book you again! "




Elena Joas 

"We had booked the" Celestial "package for our wedding and Tatiana accompanied and impressed us with her voice throughout the whole day. It was uniquely beautiful - for us and also a great experience for our guests. Everyone was blown away, Dear Tatiana !! Thank you for making our day so special and unforgettable! "



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